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The Future of Nomics & Cryptocurrency Data w/ Rob Paone of the Crypto Bobby Podcast (Episode 11)

My guest today is actually . . . me (Clay Collins).

On this episode, you will hear a very special interview conducted by Rob Paone, the host of the Crypto Bobby Podcast

A few weeks ago, Rob interviewed me for his podcast and I liked the content so much that I asked Rob if I could air a modified version of that conversation here for you today. He generously said yes, so here we are.

You’re probably used to me being the one asking the questions. In this episode, we flip the script and I hope you enjoy what happens when the tables are turned.

Topics include:

  • Nomics’ origin story and what led myself and my co-founder to start Nomics.
  • A high-level overview of what Nomics is involved in at the moment.
  • What the future product roadmap for Nomics looks like, and the importance of our forthcoming API product.
  • Why we think we have the cleanest data in the space.
  • The evolution of institutional participation in crypto investing and some of the top lessons learned thus far from the Flippening Podcast.
  • The difference between Alpha and Beta gains.
  • The ethics of crypto asset liquidity events or ICOs.
  • The evolution of ICO fundraising.
  • Crypto index funds and crypto funds of funds.
  • Why I’m so interested in decentralized exchanges.
  • Our favorite crypto projects right now.
  • Please enjoy this conversation between myself and Rob Paone.

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