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Show 55: Richard Smith – Crypto TradeSmith Risk Management Software

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Matthew interviews Dr. Richard Smith, founder and CEO of Crypto TradeSmith. We discuss Richard’s risk management software, which has many amazing tools to help crypto investors manage their portfolio. For a special offer on this software subscription, please follow this link!

Dr. Richard Smith has built his career on math and investment risk. Richard explains his Crypto TradeSmith product, which is cryptoasset risk management software (subscription based). This mirrors his stock/equity system (TradeStops). We discuss the ins and outs of Richard’s system, and all the tools they offer in Crypto TradeSmith:
– The Crypto Calculator
– Position sizing
– Risk Rebalancer
– Pure Quant
– Portfolio Volatility Quotient
– Crypto State Indicators (Red/Yellow/Green Lights)
– Custom email and text alerts
– Crypto Finder (over 50,000 crypto trading pairs)

We talk a lot about finding confidence, courage, and conviction in the markets. As the product is entirely math based, Richard’s system offers some powerful insights into volatility and risk of any crypto investment. Also, uniquely, his system can give you comfort to NOT leave your coins on an exchange, and NOT be frontrun.

Listen on to learn more.

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