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The Tatiana Show Ep. 164 Jon Demko

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Cleveland, Ohio is on fire.  That’s right, I said it! What an incredible scene for Blockchain.  I have always been curious about mining, but as it’s highly technical, I haven’t really felt comfortable discussing it.  However, everyone wants to know how they can essentially print money with a little machine. I didn’t know the history of Coin Miner, but Jon was kind enough to fill me in.  He also gave me a good overview of options available to the average enthusiast, but also for the more industrial users. Pretty neat stuff, and I hope you agree! Shout out to our friends at the Blockland Cleveland event!

About the Guests:

Jon Demko started his career as a Corp Chef operating an array of restaurants around the Eastern United States. Moving on from there he came to help open MOGS (www.mogs.com) with his current partner Hayden Gill at Coin Miner back in 2004. MOGS was one of the largest supplier of digital assets in the mmorpg gaming world and is still alive and thriving to this day, making it the oldest website still servicing MMORGP customers to date.  After helping open and grow MOGS Jon moved onto the National Food Distribution world with GFS. GFS (Gordon Food Service) is the largest broadline food distributor in the world. Jon spent 10 great successful years at GFS and also seeded and opened Coin MIner with current partner Hayden Gill in late 2012. After moving on from GFS in 2015,

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