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Marketing / Social Media Manager at Bridge Mutual

Key Tasks:

– Managing social media activities, building an online community
– Working with marketing service providers to build a strong brand and content narrative
– Ensure a consistent flow of high quality content via channels such as as Twitter, Medium, Telegram Announcement Channel, etc…
– Engaging the online community and providing support where required
– Coordinating and working with 3rd party marketing companies that we hire
– Finding new channels of marketing distribution
– Determining branding and content strategy
– Contact with partners and other projects
– Analyzing competition and recommending responsive strategies
– SEO content creation

The perfect candidate should:

– be a native English speaker
– have a background and proven experience in crypto marketing
– be creative, able to reach new target groups
– have good contacts in the crypto industry
– have SEO experience
– be a crypto enthusiast

We offer:

– An opportunity to work remotely
– Ground floor access to a high quality, high velocity DeFi project
– Work with a team of well-connected crypto specialists
– Have a part in the creation of a new cryptocurrency insurance model
– Token bonuses may be applicable


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