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DeFi Solidity Engineer at Jarvis Network

Our plan is to use synthetic assets to bring traditional assets on Ethereum, from Forex to Stocks to Commodities.

* Within the same decentralized and open ledger, all the assets become interoperable, composable and accessible!

* Synthetics are the lowest layer in the DeFi stack and will power financial dApps (payment, trading, lending etc.)

Protocols to power DeFi and dApps to showcase business cases!

The Synthereum protocol (read more about how it)
* built on the top of UMA
* liquidity providers for capital-efficiency and strong peg
* USDC collateral for stability and risk-management

The Jarvis dApps ecosystem
* Synthetic-based wallet (powered by Tor.us)
* Uniswap-like exchange

* We are a successfully founded team coming from finance, programming, communication and art.

* We are defi-lover/maxi/user/advocate (some are unbanked)!

Job Description
A defi-enthusiast full-stack Solidity engineer who will work with us on increasing the security, decentralization and scalability of our protocol(s) and dApps

* Moving to Chainlink price feed (right now we have a centralized and off-chain price feed)
* DAO governance with smart treasury
* Implementing staking and game theory for LP
* R&D on L2
* Arbitrage bot between AMMs and Synthereum
* Liquidity incentives for synthetic assets on AMMs
* On-chain data analytics and dashboards

Our tech stack: Solidity, JavaScript/TypeScript, Redux-style architecture, Docker, NodeJS, web3.js


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