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Co-Founder CTO Blockchain and Backend Development at Swiftly Blockchain

We are the Zapier of financial transactions.

Our mission is to democratize access to real-time money transfers so businesses and their partners (team members, contractors, vendors/suppliers) can get back to work.

Financial transactions take too long: Legacy banking systems take days to complete transactions, especially international transactions, as these systems are not connected to each other. And these transactions are too expensive esp for long-distance transfers: Because of the legacy systems, financial transactions need to pass through many intermediaries thus resulting in each party taking a fee.

Our solution is the Zapier for financial transactions, a no-code integration platform that connects payment systems to complete real-time money transfers to recipients around the world using blockchain.

We were accepted to a global accelerator program and we are seeking a co-founder to join full-time. As part of the program, we will receive the following:

– Receive individual coaching on go-to-market, product development, and fundraising

– Connect with their investor network

– Gain exclusive access to test data from major banks and insurance companies

– Test your product with real data in the program’s Sandbox – API platform for banks and insurers that conforms to PSD2

– Access the most relevant mentors from a pool of 100+ industry experts

– Benefit from free office space and full funding to support with incorporation and recruiting

– Receive pre-seed investment of up to 150,000 EUR in exchange for equity

As a co-founder, we expect that you are fully committed to this role for the duration of the 5-month incubation program and afterwards assuming that we achieve funding.

Since the startup is still in the prototype stage, we expect that you look forward to taking ownership and getting your hands dirty to do the actual work and eventually look to set up your own processes so that you can lead the technical team.

For your experience, you will complement the CEO’s business expertise with your technical expertise gained from years of full-stack development including backend/API integration with various systems and front-end development. You also have some experience with blockchain and building blockchain-based products with some level of traction. Your leadership is also evident based on your many years of managing developers/engineers.

Ideally, you have some fintech experience and you have worked for or co/founded startups before so you are excited to join a startup at this early stage.

As a co-founder, we are looking for our equals and our future long-term partners. Building a startup is hard work and we seek a co-founder that aligns well in all aspects – personal and professional goals, your reason to join a startup in general and then this startup in particular, your personality and character, and your expertise (likely in that order).

**Important** For those who are interested, please respond with the following:
– LinkedIn profile
– A few lines (one paragraph max) on why you are a great fit and why we should choose you
– A few lines (one paragraph max) on why you are excited about this concept
– One or two key questions that you have about this concept that you want us to answer. The questions can be about anything – our concept, our business model, our team, the market, the target customers, etc
– Confirmation that you can contribute full-time (40+ hours per week) and join either virtually or in-person for one week per month for 5 months in Spain (some/all travel expenses may be included)


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