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Blockchain & Solidity Developer at GameFX

In terms of technology we are developing our protocol in Solidity (Binance Smart Chain)

We’re looking for a talented Solidity developer with expertise across DeFi, NFT and token engineering or governance mechanisms to help us take Arvrse to the next level.

Required skills:

Blockchain Enthusiast: interest in Blockchain technology, reading through crypto-projects’ Github or even contributed to a Blockchain development.

Solid Cryptographic knowledge: comfortable using cryptographic algorithms: hash, digital signature, asymmetric/symmetric encryption

NFT and DeFi Knowledge: able to optimize decentralized finance and non fungible token implementations.

Coding capabilities: usage of software best practices (unit test, modern software architecture, etc)

Strong knowledge of concurrency and writing efficient and safe multithreaded code, strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures

Quick learner: we are looking for developer who thrives on learning new technology
Agile knowledge and mindset


Design, develop, and maintain Solidity-based smart contract. Experience with React, Node.js and frontend integration.
Implement, update and maintain back-end and front-end components. We try to cater for the team’s strengths and preferences as much as we can when deciding who does what.
Follow best coding practices when developing.
Familiar with test-driven development (TDD) and implement unit tests for your work.
Actively communicate with the team during development processes.
Be willing to pick up any other technology stacks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, web3.js, Nethereum etc. when required


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