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Senior solidity developer / architect at DigiShares A/S

DigiShares is one of the leading companies providing a tokenization platform focused on real estate and other assets. Tokenization is the concept of issuing securities (shares) as tokens on the blockchain. We are seeing massive growth right now and are fund-raising to support our further growth.

We expect to have usd 500m assets under management later in the year and would like to create a bridge between the world of real assets and the DeFi world.

In the first iteration, we are planning to integrate with DeFi lending protocols on Ethereum.

We are looking for a skilled blockchain developer with experience from the Ethereum ecosystem, and coding experience with solidity.

It would be optimal if you also have experience with AMMs and token wrapping.

The right candidate will experience a lot of freedom and responsibility in the role, as well as a competitive salary.

Job Description:

DigiShares is one of the top providers of tokenization solutions for real assets. We have many real estate developers among our clients who are interested in tokenizing their assets in order to achieve automation, fractionalization and liquidity.

Many of our clients are interested in access to DeFi lending protocols and for this reason we are starting to build up our DeFi development team.

This is a ground floor opportunity at a funded and revenue generating blockchain company now ready to venture into the Web3 world. You will be working directly with the CTO on a daily basis, with an initial focus on bridging lending protocols and security tokens.


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