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Dotnet Core C# Developer – AngularJS – Full Time at Cryptobunq

Who are we?

We are a fresh new startup. Our logo and identity is under construction by agency, that is how early we are.

What are we here to accomplish

That is the exciting part!

We will create the software stack to empower a cryptocurrency bank and exchange.

It will operate with full banking license and exchange/wallet licenses in Europe.

What do we need?

We need developers to be part of our global remote team. We are starting small but with highly skilled members that collaborate closely on brainstorms on architecture and technical strategies.

What is most valuable?

Fluent English.
Programming skills in C# (dotnetcore), Javascript, Typscript
Blockchain expertise (the more, the better)


We are starting now, so the sooner you join the team, the more you will participate in the key decisions and absorb more knowledge from the team.


We will work 100% remotely. When established, offices will be primarily for business meetings and administrative operations.

How Much?

Initial salary will be 3500 USDT paid in crypto.


We offer no equity at this point of the HR process.

How we will work?

The team is lead by technical analysis. Aside from strategic business decisions, technical argumentation is paramount and supersedes preferences.

Our mission as a team is to develop and deliver the solution in the turn-key state so that the business division can leverage the business opportunities.

In short, you are hired to contribute. Get tasks from the list, work on them. These tasks orchestrate the development. If you think you can contribute to orchestration, propose. If you are idle, request. If you are stuck, call for help immediately. If you messed up, report. If you don’t know, ask.

We want people who are fire and forget missiles who can take a broad target description and refine it.

It is important to have fluent English to participate in the discussions and be verose in

Timezone preference?

We coordinate at GMT-3, so ideal candidates are those with good overlap to that.


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