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Full Stack Engineer at PolyGoon

PolyGoon is looking for a Full stack Dev to join our team.

As a crypto-passionate Dev joining a remote-first startup, you are excited to learn and apply your talent to unique challenges in the Defi space. Together, we will establish a thriving ecosystem bringing easy Defi access to a Matic users.

As the ideal candidate, you have demonstrated expertise with full-stack engineering and blockchain tooling / infrastructure, as well as the curiosity and creativity to explore new approaches to cryptic problems.

A little about us:
PolyGoon is a decentralized Exchange and yield farming Dapp on layer 2. We offer a easy access to Defi by facilitating interoperability between already existing projects, and by providing a multitude of necessary tools.

The PolyGoon team: We are a community team, matic users, big names in the Matic eco system have already joined us, and we will try to collaborate as much as possible with the Matic community

– Dev our different dapps
– Bring your experience to the team currently in place


Click here to apply.