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Content Marketing at Mahadao

– Orchestrating digital content strategies across all online platform (Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Medium, Clubhouse, Instagram)
– Knowing which platform different kinds of content are best suited to
– Designing and implementing creative marketing strategies to disseminate content.
– Take over the daily operation for social media platforms (generate, edit, publish and share engaging content; visual briefing; comment replying, etc.)
– Brainstorm new ideas for engagement on social channels (predominantly Twitter)
– Engage with other influencers & handles on Twitter related to the topic of interest (Cryptocurrencies)
– Create and manage a social media calendar for the brand with a mix of content ideas (GIFs, videos, memes, etc)

– Interest & knowledge of the cryptocurrencies is a must have
– If you are a social media junkie & follow all trends related to crypto, you will have an edge over others


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