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BIP119, EU regulatory attack, El Salvador, and much more in Q&A with aantonop (April 2022)

Well this one is a doozy. It starts with the BIP119 controversy, it’s got a couple of rants including one about the EU’s latest regulatory attack on wallets and another about El Salvador. There are questions about hardware wallets, security, and so much more. Enjoy this livestream from April 24, 2022. As a reminder, these are Andreas’ current opinions, which are always subject to change given new compelling evidence. Watch and learn, ad-free, thanks to patrons and youtube members.

00:00:00 Start of livestream
00:00:34 Welcome and heads-up of upcoming longer answer
00:01:40 Details about Andreas’ Beard
00:02:00 There is huge discussion and push for BIP 119 on Twitter at the moment. Can you pls explain the BIP, would it need a soft fork to be activated and is it ready?
00:38:02 Wrap-up from long answer, going up against the consensus dragon
00:40:20 Youtube Subscriber info and 300,000+ subscriber milestone reached
00:42:00 Thank you to Patreons
00:44:58 I would like you to rant about the EU’s latest regulatory attack on non-custodial wallets and anonymous transactions, please. [Burnhard]
00:48:35 In your excellent "Path to Self Custody" workshop, re: multi-sig, you say to save the seedphrase in a separate location from our devices. Other reputable sources say re: multisig to store your key with the device from which it came. Hmm? [Lucia aka DancingCrypto]
00:55:36 Hello Andreas! Considering there are several difficulties for regular people to use a hardware wallet, what solution do you imagine in a global adoption scenario? [Hernan Gomez]
00:58:28 What is the business model or economic incentive of open source non custodial Bitcoin wallets? Do they make money at all? who covers the costs of spent resources to develop/maintain them?
1:01:24 I don’t get it. You can use Coinswap or Joinmarket to break the link of your coins to their past. But aren’t you just swapping your coins’ past with that of a random guy’s coins? Who is to say your new coins are not even more "tainted"? [zeycus]
1:05:03 I think submarine swaps are the magic bullet for privacy. Please demonstrate why this is wrong (or right) and why do so many intelligent people look at Bitcoin and see it so differently? [Jimmy Tune]
1:10:29 What’s new at aantonop.com, Patreon and more
1:11:46 Do modified derivation paths provide any addtional layer of privacy or security for a Bitcoin user? What is actually happening when a wallet is asked to sign a transaction with keys that live on a branch such as m45/0/1 instead of m45/0/0?
1:17:44 Nayib Bukele is an increasingly authoritarian leader who, amongst other things, recently had journalists spied on using NSO’s Pegasus spyware. Does it worry you that parts of the Bitcoin community glorify and heroize him that much? [Burnhard]
1:25:06 Upcoming events – Next Livestream June 5th

Special thanks to Yes2Crypto for providing the timestamps for this livestream.

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