Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Top 3 on-ramps for fiat to BTC/crypto! Central exchanges not allowed and Super Teaser at the end!

ACH Bank Transfer – $2.00
Debit/Credit Card – 3%
Direct Wire – $20

CC/Apple/Google Pay – 3.99%

ACH Bank Transfer – 1%
Debit/Credit Card – 4.5%

**Rates Current as of 11/2022

1) Identify conviction digital asset
a. Start with BTC
b. Alts require deeper understanding

2) Choose a wallet that supports your digital asset
a. You control the keys to wallet (12-24 word seed phrase)
i. Hot wallet – Trust Wallet
ii. Warm wallet – Exodus.com
iii. Cold wallet – Ledger

3) Choose your on-ramp
a. Complete your KYC
b. Enter your dollar amount
c. Enter your conviction digital asset
d. Enter your BTC or Crypto wallet address
i. Pro Tip – Send a small amount ($10) to new wallets for test
ii. Successful test, send remainder of digital asset

4) Notes
a. Network/Gas fee – fee incurred when user buys BTC, ETH and ERC20 tokens
b. It is charged by and paid to the blockchain network for facilitating the transaction
i. Example – User buys 10 Atom, Receives 9.99 Atom in wallet due to protocol gas fee.
ii. Each protocol charges their own unique gas fees

Super Teaser!
At DCTV we are always working for you with partners that are top-notch. We will soon be releasing a wallet that that allows you to stake assets for yield as passive income! And most importantly, you will own your own keys!!! Stay tuned, more details coming soon!