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Solidity Developer for Blockchain Launchpad at Nakapad


– 📜 Design, develop, and deploy smart contracts using Solidity for our blockchain launchpad.

– 🚀 Collaborate with our product team to implement new features and functionalities.

– 🔍 Conduct code reviews, testing, and optimization to ensure secure and efficient smart contracts.

– 🌐 Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in blockchain technology and DeFi to propose innovative solutions.

– 🛠️ Work on improving existing smart contracts for enhanced performance and security.

– 🛠️ Troubleshoot and resolve any issues related to smart contract functionality.


– ✅ Proven experience as a Solidity developer, with a portfolio of successfully deployed smart contracts.

– 🧠 Strong understanding of blockchain technology, Ethereum, and DeFi concepts.

– 💻 Proficiency in Ethereum tools and hardhat framework.

– 🔒 Solid knowledge of security best practices for smart contracts.

– 🌐 Experience with web3.js and interacting with smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

– 🧩 Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

– 🤝 Effective communication skills and ability to work collaboratively in a remote team.

To Apply 🚀:

– Send your resume to contact@nakapad.io.

– Please prepare a public GitHub repository with examples of projects you have worked on.

– Fill out this application form to apply: https://forms.gle/oR92vt4H6Kb1yuUe6


Click here to apply.