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Junior DevOps Engineer at Zero Knowledge Validator

ZKValidator is seeking a motivated Junior DevOps Engineer to join our team on a contracting basis who can hit the ground running to enhance our delivery capabilities. The ideal candidate will have experience with cloud and bare-metal hosting providers (in particular Hetzner and OVH) and a good understanding of deploying resource-optimised, auditable, and reliable cloud infrastructure using tools like Ansible, Systemd, Docker, and Grafana+Prometheus.
In this role, you will be responsible for extending and enhancing the infrastructure and deployment pipelines for our environments, improving alerting, optimising our resource distribution as well as ensuring high availability and scalability.
If you are passionate about building optimised reliable cloud infrastructure and have a strong background in DevOps, we would love to hear from you.
We are mostly Europe-based and we would like our Devops Team to cover more time zones than currently. If you feel your experience and skills allow you to keep a good watch over our nodes (and perhaps even despite time zone differences), then this role is for you.

Role requirements
The requirements for the Junior DevOps Engineer role at ZKValidator are as follows:
Build resource-optimised, observable auditable, and reliable cloud infrastructure
Strong understanding of common DevOps tooling for Unix-based systems such as Bash scripting, Ansible, Systemd, Docker, Grafana+Prometheus, Zerotier, PagerDuty, etc.
Strong understanding of deployment on common cloud and bare-metal hosting providers such as AWS, Hetzner, or OVH etc.
Experience in security hardening of servers is a plus
Experience in deployment of blockchain networks is a plus
Experience in setting up co-location-based server infrastructure is a plus


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