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SALE ANNOUNCEMENT: Path to Self Custody Workshop Bundle Sale Through Jan 2024

As January is a great time to do a security audit of your bitcoin and other cryptoassets! We’ll be releasing some short videos soon from Andreas’ January 2024 Q&A for patrons all about Self Custody.

Often, when people start really looking at their crypto security, they realize they aren’t as far along the path of self custody as they hoped. To help YOU move forward in your self custody journey, we’re giving you a discount on our Path to Self Custody Workshop Bundle for the month of January. Use coupon code: selfcustody4me at checkout

What is the Path to Self Custody Bundle? It’s 2 Workshops + a BONUS Lesson. As you know, moving forward on the path to self custody of cryptoassets requires knowledge of keys, custody options, and security. You’ll get all of that and more with this security knowledge bundle which includes the Custody and Key Management Workshop, the Hands-on Hardware Wallet Demonstration Workshop, and a bonus lesson about Additional Security Measures that is only available in this bundle. If you’ve wanted to see a demonstration of exactly how to set up, test, wipe, and recover a hardware wallet, this is the workshop for you.

NOW through the end of January 2024, you can save $24 off of the regular price of $60 by using coupon code: selfcustody4me at checkout.

There’s a 14 day money back guarantee, so you have time to check out the content to be sure it’s right for you. You’ll have access to the materials for the entire year (and probably much longer).

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