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Pete Winn: Fedimints Revisited

Crypto Voices: Episode 162

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Matthew, Alec & Michel talk with Pete Winn, Bitcoin educator extraordinaire. Pete worked formerly at Fedi, the company, as well as contributing to the open source Fedimint, and he is the founder of the educational portal “Bitcoin for Humans.” We discuss the amazing benefits at a scale that Fedimints can bring to Bitcoin, as well as some of its criticisms and risks.


00:00:00 Intro

00:04:21 What is Fedimint?

00:13:13 Regulators & Fedimint

00:21:00 Regulating Bitcoin

00:22:09 Protection over Fedimint

00:27:43 Criticism over Fedimint

00:36:13 Lighting Network

00:41:17 Bitcoin for Humans

00:45:30 Scaling and Fedimint

00:49:10 Bitcoin’s Fees

00:52:28 Alec’s Philosophical Question

00:59:11 Fedimint’s Stability Pool

01:06:48 UTXO and the Future

01:09:09 Fedimint and Payment

01:14:43 Closing Thoughts

Links for more info: https://bitcoinforhumans.com/

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Hosts: Matthew Mezinskis, Michel, Alec Harris

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