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Sr. Blockchain Engineer at Freco Coin

Building backend services: Build highly available backend systems, both serverless and persistent. These systems should have a high degree of correctness, efficiency, and anti-fragility. Indexing complex onchain data: Design systems that index complex onchain data for ease of use and speedy access. Gas efficient protocols rely on indexing to keep user experiences snappy and pleasant. Data engineering: Design and develop large-scale data pipelines to drive our understanding of our users and our protocol’s real-world performance. Building bots and smart contracts: Build bots and other services whose primary role is to monitor smart contracts and send transactions. You will be responsible for building infrastructure that is responsible for company and user funds. Code review and mentorship: Write code in a highly collaborative open source ecosystem. As much of your day will be spent reviewing and designing code as it will be writing new code. We take pride in writing clean code.

4+ years full-time experience in Software Engineering at a software, financial services or related technology organization 2+years of experience with blockchain-based projects (hackathons or personal projects as well) Experience with databases, networking, and data pipelines is strongly preferred Outstanding critical thinking skills; low ego, high curiosity and comfort in being wrong Deep interest in software; desire to understand the why and the how of everything you work on Demonstrated ability to learn new tech and write secure and clean code Passion for blockchain technology, cryptonomic protocol design, game theory, and decentralized finance Growth mindset; a desire to learn from and mentor those around you Strong communication and collaboration skills, especially written Language experience is not as important as your demonstrated ability to learn quickly but our language stack is simply: Typescript, Solidity, GCP


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