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Bitcoin Halving 2024: How It’s Different This Time, Myths Debunked, Bitcoin Bugs, and More

In this video, recorded on April 14, 2024, during a patron livestream Q&A session, Andreas explains how the halving works, debunks popular halving myths, and discusses how this halving is different from the rest.

00:00 Hello and Welcome to Halving 2024
00:22 What is the halving?
00:43 Four previous halvings: 2009, 2012, 2016, 2020
01:43 Myths and facts
02:00 Bitcoin does not exist as a unit of measure
02:17 Integers – Level up your bitcoin knowledge
02:46 What happens during the halving?
03:23 Can there be fractions of a satoshi?
04:00 Bitcoin Trivia – a bug?
05:18 Frenzy of Speculation: price, network destruction, etc
05:41 Story 1: Bitcoin Death Spiral (Doomsday Myth) – clickbait nightmare
07:07 Stories about the eclipse
08:06 Why the Bitcoin Death Spiral doesn’t make sense
09:05 What if half of the miners disappear?
09:32 Story 2: Economic Story (Optimistic Myth?)
10:28 Will the price go up soon after the halving?
11:07 What is different with this halving?
11:45 Why do different halving countdown clocks have different times?
12:44 Another bug in bitcoin? Shhhhh
13:45 aantonop’s prediction for this halving
14:26 Learn more about Andreas and supporting this work

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