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Blockchain Developer at Tatum

Tatum is a leading blockchain development platform and infrastructure provider worldwide. We offer developers and enterprises a highly flexible blockchain framework and tools to build, test, and run blockchain applications. With over 100,000 web3 projects and customers, we recently raised $41.5 million to fuel our rapid growth, and we’re excited to expand our Engineering team with an Blockchain Developer

Join startup that is driven by a fast-paced, innovative, and risk-taking approach to business, as well as a focus on flexibility, collaboration, and respect. We have flat hierarchies, informal communication, and emphasis on individual contribution and autonomy.


Participate in development of Tatum’s unique API blockchain platform and libraries.
Work on integrating various blockchains into applications.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement blockchain solutions.
Design, build, audit, test, and maintain code to the highest standards.
Debug and fix any issues or bugs in the blockchain applications.
Participate in development of Tatum’s open source SDK.
Contribute to open-source projects and build the blockchain ecosystem.
Stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in blockchain technology.

Our Technology Stack:
JavaScript, Typescript,
Node.js, Nest.js, Next.js v12,
React.js, CSS Tailwind,
Gitlab CI/CD.

At least 2 years of experience as a Blockchain Developer or similar role
Strong understanding of blockchain concepts and technologies
Experience with blockchain development frameworks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin
Knowledge of blockchain security best practices
Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills
Strong collaboration and communication skills
Ability to adapt to changing technologies, needs and priorities and learn new skills quickly

You will be a good fit if:
You identify with the key principle of ‘delivering the best value to customer’ (agile methodology)
You are comfortable with being in touch with customers
You are not afraid to come up with your own ideas and take ownership of their research and implementation

Remote friendly – This is all about discussion. We strive to ensure that the needs of both the business and our employees are met. We usually meet in offices located in Prague and Brno.
ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) – Join our team and enjoy the opportunity to become a part-owner of our company through our Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), allowing you to share in our success and potential profits as you work with us.
Flexible hours – Work whenever it suits your personal schedule. For most positions, we don’t have fixed hours.
25 days off – Take time off. Enjoy your vacation.
Learning & Development budget is ready for you – Whether you are looking to enhance your technical skills, develop your leadership capabilities, or explore new areas of the blockchain ecosystem, we are here to support you every step of the way.
Projects that will introduce you to the world of blockchain – it will not only give you a better understanding of blockchain technology but also equip you with valuable skills for the future.


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