A good source for Bitcoin-specific jobs is Bitcoiner Jobs.

About the project:
The IOTA SDK provides developers with the tools needed to interact with the IOTA network, create transactions and build full scaled applications. The library written in Rust, offers bindings in multiple languages, such as Python or TypeScript (for node.js or WASM environments) and acts as the first point of contact for developers wanting to use IOTA.

As a full stack engineer with knowledge in Rust, you are going to be critical in providing a seamless developer experience via our TypeScript and Python bindings. Furthermore, you will be shaping and adding new features to our SDK and work within a team of highly skilled software engineers working on bleeding edge distributed ledger technology. This is your opportunity to influence the way digital transactions and applications are built. We’re excited to work with individuals ready to make a real difference.

– Develop high-quality software solutions and specifications (Rust).
– Work effectively across different teams to address problems and collaboratively arrive at solutions ( Software Engineers, DevOps, Research Scientists)
– Perform and thrive in an environment where your work can change rapidly in response to customer feedback and data.
– Ensure timely delivery of technical solutions while maintaining a healthy work environment.
– Participate in and help transform cutting-edge research into practical software products.

– Experience in Rust
– Experience with blockchains/DLTs
– Experience in REST API design and implementation

What we offer:
– The opportunity to work with a senior level of the brightest minds in the industry
– Work from anywhere policy (we have been remote since day 1)
– Culture of trust, empowerment, and constructive feedback
– A flexible and agile organization with a flat hierarchy
– Independence and responsibility from day one


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We are in search of an Experienced Head of Customer Support who can lead our support team and elevate our customer service standards. The ideal candidate will be an experienced leader in customer support, with a solid background in providing exceptional VIP support, managing high-volume ticket support systems, and developing efficient templates and systems for customer service operations. This role is crucial for maintaining and improving our reputation for outstanding customer service, ensuring that all customer interactions are handled with professionalism and care.

Key Responsibilities:
– Lead and manage the customer support team to provide exceptional service to all customers, with a special focus on VIP clientele.
– Oversee the ticket support system, ensuring timely and effective resolution of customer issues.
– Develop and implement customer service templates and systems to streamline support processes and improve efficiency.
– Monitor and analyze customer service metrics to identify trends, areas for improvement, and implement strategies to enhance customer satisfaction.
– Work closely with other departments to ensure a cohesive approach to customer service and support across the company.
– Train and mentor customer support staff, fostering a culture of excellence, empathy, and continuous improvement.
– Handle escalated customer issues, providing solutions that balance customer satisfaction with company policy.
– Stay up-to-date with industry best practices in customer support and implement innovative tools and technologies to enhance service delivery.

– Proven experience as a Head of Customer – Support or similar leadership role, preferably within the casino or betting industry, for at least 1 year.
– Strong background in VIP support, ticket support management, and the creation of customer service templates and systems.
– Experience working for an established casino (web2 or web3) or betting platform is essential.
– Exceptional leadership and communication skills, with the ability to motivate and manage a team.
– Strategic thinker with a problem-solving mindset and a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction.
– Proficient in customer service software and technologies.
– Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Communication, or a related field is preferred.

Additional skills:
– Capacity to handle high-pressure situations and challenging customer interactions.
– Innovative Thinking: Creativity in improving customer service and enhancing satisfaction.
– Team Building and Motivation: Ability to inspire and lead the customer support team to excellence.

Salary range: $2,500 – $5,000 per month

Benefits of working with Cosmo:
– Opportunity to grow with a team of motivated professionals
– Flexible work schedule
– Remote work
– Service recognition bonuses and more

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Application Deadline:
Mar 9, 2024


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About Us:
Cosmo Inc is a cutting-edge marketing agency that excels in areas like digital strategy, creative services, social media management, paid media, e-commerce solutions, and notably, marketing for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. We enable businesses to achieve unparalleled growth and success by tapping into the most current digital trends and strategies, ensuring they thrive in today’s fast-paced market.

We are looking for a Head of Marketing who is experienced and has demonstrated success specifically within the crypto casino and betting industry. This individual should have a robust background in spearheading comprehensive marketing campaigns, crafting engaging banners, expertly negotiating with partners, and fine-tuning PPC strategies to perfection. This role demands a visionary strategist capable of propelling our marketing initiatives forward, achieving business objectives, and capturing a larger market share.

– Forge and implement groundbreaking marketing strategies to spotlight our crypto casino and betting platform to a worldwide audience.
– Lead the charge on all marketing initiatives, ensuring they are impactful, cost-efficient, and resonate with our core brand values.
– Supervise the creation of compelling marketing materials, including banners and promotional content, that capture attention.
– Build and maintain fruitful partnerships with affiliates, media agencies, and other key players to enhance our reach and engagement.
– Refine PPC advertising efforts across diverse platforms to maximize ROI.
– Analyze market dynamics and customer behavior to evolve our marketing strategies continually.
– Work collaboratively with various teams to maintain a unified and impactful brand message.
– Deliver detailed marketing performance reports, offering insights and strategic recommendations to the leadership team.

– At least 1 year of proven success as a Head of Marketing, specifically within the crypto casino or betting sector.
– Deep expertise in managing marketing campaigns, designing banners, negotiation, and optimizing PPC campaigns.
– Prior experience with a reputable casino (either traditional web2 or blockchain-based web3) or betting platform is crucial.
– Exceptional leadership and communication skills capable of guiding and motivating a marketing team.
– A blend of creativity and analytical prowess with a commitment to data-informed decision-making in marketing.
– Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related discipline.

Additional Skills:
– Strong problem-solving skills.
– An exceptional eye for design and storytelling, enabling the creation of captivating and shareable content.
– Flexibility in adapting marketing strategies to meet the evolving market landscape and algorithm changes.

Salary Range: $3000 – $10,000 per month

Job Type: Full-time

– Opportunity to grow with a team of motivated professionals
– Flexible work schedule
– Remote work
– Service recognition bonuses and more

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Application Deadline:
Mar 9, 2024


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Remote (European 9-17h time zone overlap, at least partially)
Mid-Senior level

By joining us, you will be working with a team doing awesome things like:
– Implementing new features and maintaining Aave, a multi-billion DeFi protocol.
– Development and maintenance of Aave Governance v3, a next-generation on-chain governance system based on storage proofs.
– Development and maintenance of a.DI (Aave Delivery Infrastructure), a cross-chain communication layer introducing a consensus mechanism on top of underlying bridge providers.
– Additional projects by BGD, on the edge of DeFi and blockchain.

As an ideal candidate, you should have deep experience with Ethereum (or any other EVM-based) smart contracts development, ideally having participated on a production-grade DeFi application on the Solidity side.

You should be able to implement high-quality Solidity code, always from a critical point of view; take key architectural decisions with solid rationale; design and implement good security procedures (tests, formal verification, fuzzing); and discuss with the rest of the team about all the previous in a constructive way.

Additionally, being a small team we value independence: you should own your projects, and we will empower you to do so.

Responsibilities and Duties:
– Design/implement secure and reliable apps in Solidity.
– Writing good documentation.
– Internal quality control and audit of smart contracts: code reviews, feedback on designs of other team members.
– Collaborate with frontend, backend, and other smart contract engineers.
– Help identify friction points and implement solutions to improve potential bottlenecks in the development process.
– High and low level thinking, always keeping in mind the goals of each project.

– 2+ years of relevant experience as a Smart – Contract Developer (Solidity and optionally Vyper).
– Passion for the DeFi and Web3 fields.
– Knowledge and experience of test-driven development.
– Deep familiarity with the common Smart Contract vulnerabilities.
– Exceptional strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills with a strong analytical mindset.
– A deep understanding of the architecture of modern Web3 applications and backends.
– English language fluency.
– Able to make informed decisions that require a quick turnaround.
– Hand-on production experience with the Foundry framework.
– Understanding of formal verification tools and fuzzing, with hands-on experience as a plus.

– Salary range: 80-200k, with potential bonus.
– Remote work and flexible working hours, but with at least partial overlap with European time zones.
– 20 days paid holiday
– Front seat into position on working with decentralized financial technologies
– Guaranteed innovation-driven work environment

If you are interested in this offer, please send us your CV and a cover letter (only Google Drive files) to join@bgdlabs.com


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As a full-stack dApp developer at Aragon, you will join our App Team. Aragon App is our application to interface with the Aragon OSx smart contract framework – which is used for creating and managing the next generation of digital organizations.

This position consists of roughly 60% frontend (React) and 40% backend (JS/TS, GraphQL, MongoDB, etc.). We will only consider candidates with experience working with a web3 stack and who are eager to help us prove the feasibility and value of decentralized governance.

💪 What do we expect from a dApp Developer?

– You naturally translate user needs into production-ready code. You understand that there are DAO builders, voters, and degens on the other side, each with their own unique needs, and you are eager to seek feedback from them to better understand what they need to better participate in their DAO.

– You are comfortable taking ownership of a piece of our stack, establishing best practices, and becoming the “go-to” point of contact, while simultaneously mentoring more junior developers along the way.

– You are enthusiastic to coordinate with DevOps and other departments, further deepening your knowledge of the ever-expanding technologies of web3.
You are actively involved across the discovery and development pipeline, from collaborating with UX/UI designers and creating prototypes to implementation, documentation and guides, deployment, and live maintenance. At each stage of the pipeline, you are focused on high quality delivery.

– You are a natural collaborator. You use code reviews to better understand your team’s work, improve the quality of our commits, and learn something along the way. During daily standup, you know when you are needed and proactively solve your teammate’s problems.

⚠️ Minimum requirements

– Proven ability to deliver open source applications that deal with blockchain, cryptography, smart contracts, decentralized systems, or any related technology in the web3 ecosystem

– 4+ years experience in one or more general purpose programming languages such as JS/TS

– Knowledge about the internals of JavaScript engines, browsers and how to work with React.js and other well-known JavaScript frameworks

– Able to advocate and enforce good development practices on the team, including testing (unit, integration, e2e), clean code principles, documentation, etc.

– Some experience with the other skills needed to be successful with our tech stack (Ethereum/EVM, HardHat/TypeChain, GraphQL/Subgraph, Cypress, etc.)

– Experience working in agile environment, git flows, and are comfortable in the tools (e.g. Jira, Github)

– Excellent English communication – both written and oral

– You are able to attend quarterly offsites – usually located in or around Europe – to work in person with your team

– Passionate about the possibilities of decentralized autonomous organizations and the impacts they may have on how humans work together to solve problems

💡 Bonus skills

– Knowledge of basic design principles, including layouts, aesthetics, and how to work with a UX team and with a design system

– Experience working on a project with a module or plugin system

We value freedom and responsibility among our contributors. In practice, this means that we’re a remote distributed organization that’s flexible as to where you want to work and your schedule. We will trust you to accommodate and support your team, and communicate if you ever feel stretched thin. You will get all of the resources needed to be effective, whether its for setting up your remote work environment or a personal development budget. This role reports to Aragon X, a Swiss AG dedicated to advancing the Aragon Project. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer supporting a community of DAO creators, developers, and users experimenting with new forms of social coordination and governance.


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Outbound sales manager required for leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency news company required asap for a full time position.

Experienced sales manager with extensive contacts within the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry that can generate outbound sales and achieve high advertising revenue for our networks of bitcoin news websites.


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As the Blockchain Business Development Specialist at Runtime Verification, you will play a pivotal role in driving the revenue and the growth of the company. You will be responsible for developing and executing sales leads and creating new opportunities.


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The role
As a Software Engineer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the highest quality of our product at Synpress. You will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing robust test automation framework. Your contributions will have a significant impact on the growth and success of the Synpress ecosystem. As a key stakeholder, you will have the opportunity to shape our product’s scalability and guide decisions that drive its cutting-edge nature.

Your impact
– Lead the design, development, and implementation of our comprehensive test automation framework.
– Create unit tests for both new and existing functionality.
– Thoroughly document and track defects using our bug tracking system.
– Perform regression testing and verify defects as necessary.
– Contribute to maintaining and improving code quality.

– Proven work experience of 3+ years in Software Engineering.
– Strong proficiency in modern programming languages such as TypeScript and JavaScript.
– Extensive experience with open-source test frameworks like Playwright or Cypress.
– Proficiency in build automation technologies such as GitHub Actions.
– Knowledge of AWS and/or Docker would be highly advantageous.
– Excellent analytical skills to collaborate effectively with developers for troubleshooting and peer review.
– Strong written and verbal communication skills.
– The ideal candidate will have experience in shaping a testing culture and promoting best practices.

– Competitive salary range: 72k~120k USD
– Potential token package in the future
– Generous vacation policy


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We are seeking a highly skilled and proactive Cryptocurrency Listing and Presale Manager to oversee the entire presale and listing process of our crypto token. This role involves planning, execution, marketing, and operations of the presale, as well as coordinating the listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. Your expertise in the crypto industry, project management, marketing, operational skills, and understanding of tokenomics will be instrumental in achieving our fundraising, presale, and project launch goals.


1. Presale Strategy and Planning:
* Develop a comprehensive presale strategy, including fundraising goals, token allocation, pricing, timeline, and risk mitigation.
* Align presale objectives with the overall project vision and business goals.

2. Presale Marketing:
* Execute marketing campaigns to generate awareness in the presale among the crypto community, investors, and potential token holders.
* Utilize various channels for marketing and community engagement to drive participation.

3. Listing Strategy and Execution:
* Analyze and select suitable cryptocurrency exchanges for token listing.
* Prepare necessary documentation and ensure regulatory compliance for listing.

4. Presale and Listing Operations:
* Design and implement technical infrastructure for the presale and listing process.
* Oversee KYC/AML procedures, investor verification, and compliance during the presale.
* Coordinate with development team, auditing firms, and legal advisors.

5. Community Management and Engagement:
* Build and nurture a strong community, providing updates, addressing inquiries, and fostering positive interactions.
* Leverage community feedback to improve the presale and listing process.

6. Performance Tracking and Reporting:
* Monitor presale and listing performance, analyze metrics, and provide insights to the executive team.

* Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Marketing, or related field (preferred).
* Proven experience in crypto presales and listing processes.
* Deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market, tokenomics, and fundraising strategies.
* Strong project management and marketing skills.
* Knowledge of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and token standards.
* Experience in KYC/AML procedures and compliance in the crypto space.
* Excellent communication, negotiation, and presentation skills.
* Adaptability to a fast-paced and evolving industry.

* Presale marketing
* Strategic planning and execution
* Community engagement

Compensation: TBD

Work Conditions:
– Competitive salary.
– Flexible work schedule.
– Possibility of remote work.
– Opportunities for professional and career growth.


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As the Chief Marketing Officer, you will be the driving force behind our entire marketing strategy, focusing on increasing our brand presence and user base. You will manage our social media networks, oversee influencer partnerships, and lead innovative marketing campaigns. Your role is pivotal in positioning GraphLinq as a leader in blockchain automation.

Key Responsibilities

Develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy to boost brand visibility and adoption of GraphLinq’s blockchain platform.
Manage and grow our presence on social media platforms, ensuring engaging, relevant, and consistent content.
Spearheaded influencer marketing efforts, identifying and collaborating with key influencers in the blockchain and tech space.
Employ growth hacking techniques to attract and retain platform users.
Coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment of marketing strategies with product development and user experience.
Analyze market trends and adapt strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the blockchain industry.
Oversee the marketing budget, ensuring optimal allocation of resources for maximum impact.

Proven experience in a marketing role, preferably in the tech or blockchain industry.
Strong understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market.
Expertise in digital marketing, social media management, and influencer partnerships.
Demonstrated ability to develop and implement successful marketing strategies.
Exceptional leadership skills with the ability to inspire and manage.
Excellent communication, presentation, and stakeholder management skills.
Creative thinker with a data-driven approach to decision-making.


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