A good source for Bitcoin-specific jobs is Bitcoiner Jobs.

As a Backend Blockchain Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in designing, developing, and maintaining high-performance, decentralized applications within the cryptocurrency domain. You will be part of our team that is pioneering research and development of new technologies and methodologies, including the integration of novel technologies and cloud-based architectures.


At least 5 years of software development experience.
3+ years of experience in backend development and microservices architecture.
Strong experience with Node.js.
Proven experience in the fintech industry, particularly with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
B.Sc. degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a relevant field, or equivalent experience.
Advantage Skills:

Proficiency in backend services development with Go.
Experience in smart contract development using Solidity, Vyper, Rust, etc.
Strong experience with AWS Cloud technologies.
Experience working with MySQL databases.
Knowledge of Blockchain ecosystems (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Layer 2 solutions, etc.).
Soft Skills:

High technical proficiency with a deep understanding of the software development lifecycle, methodologies, and best practices.
Ability to oversee projects from design to implementation.
Capable of working in a fast-paced and technologically driven environment.


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Location: We are a fully remote team, and although we hire globally, there is a preference for this role to be based in Europe or remote +/- 4 hours CEST time

Position: Full-time contractor

CoW Protocol is looking for a DevOps engineer who will build and maintain CoW Protocol infrastructure. If you like implementing new things from scratch and ensuring the high availability of systems and services, this role is for you 🙂

The successful candidate will join a fast-paced, dynamic startup with significant traction and growth trajectory.

What you will do
* Building and maintaining Kubernetes workloads
* Develop and maintain scalable, resilient cloud-based infrastructure using an infrastructure-as-code approach
* Modify and extend Pulumi configurations for managing AWS resources
* Driving CI/CD workflow standards and a DevOps culture across the wider team
* Deploy Ethereum nodes and validators
* Maintain monitoring and alerting solutions for critical infrastructure
* Deploy and operate database clusters
* Improve the postmortem culture
* Establish and maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
* Contribute to platform architecture, design, security and join the on-call rotation

Our DevOps Stack: AWS, Kubernetes, Pulumi, ElasticSearch, Nginx, Prometheus, Grafana, Docker and Linux

Blockchain Nodes: Nethermind, Erigon, Reth

Who you are
* Advanced knowledge and deep understanding of AWS
* Good at deploying, securing, and maintaining distributed systems
* Experience working with common open-source applications like
* Prometheus, Grafana, and Elastic Search
* Have previously deployed and maintained a production-grade Kubernetes cluster
* Good understanding of Kubernetes, Docker, Linux
* Experience in developing in at least one language, such as Python, JavaScript, Go, Rust, or similar
* Experience designing and implementing scripts for custom tooling
* Knowledge of Ethereum node/validator operation is a plus, alongside a basic understanding of blockchain technologies
* Skilled in the English language, both written and verbal

What we can offer you
* Flexible work environment: Join our hub in Lisbon or work remotely
* Token plan: Have a stake in our mission and shape the future of CoW DAO
* Periodic gatherings: Enjoy opportunities to connect with the rest of the team through regular trips
* Conference allocation: Stay up-to-date with ecosystem advancements using our conference budget
* Learning budget: Use our learning budget to support your higher ambitions
* Hardware budget: Take advantage of a hardware budget to acquire the necessary equipment
* Make an impact: You are joining a startup where you can make a huge difference. Your work matters!
* Flat hierarchies mean fewer processes and bureaucracy – see more of your ideas come to life!
* Flexible work and vacation times: Prioritize work-life balance through our robust, flexible work policy and vacation allowance
* Growth: If you’re someone who loves taking the initiative and getting things done, CoW offers lots of opportunities for your individual growth


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What is Decentralized Masters?

Decentralized Masters is an educational platform that teaches retail customers how to leverage the new world of Decentralized Finance to preserve and grow their capital. We give people the weapons to take back control over their financial future. By leveraging DeFi, we allow them to multiply their capital before it’s eaten by inflation and thrive in these uncertain times. We train customers with no prior crypto experience to become DeFi Masters with our custom made videos, live sessions, 1on1s with mentors, proprietary tools, research reports from our analysts and more. We want to create the biggest DeFi ecosystem that exists. The first step is to invade the market by creating the go-to DeFi educational platform.

Decentralized Masters has now grown to 60+ full-time employees in early 2024 and will end the year at 120+ full-time employees. Its record-breaking growth is being noticed across continents, with a potential unicorn status in the next couple of years. It is a bootstrapped & profitable company targeting $50m in revenue in 2024.

Check us out here:




What will you be doing?

Decentralized Masters is hiring a DeFi Analyst and Educator for long term employment who has an obsession with customer success, is eager to take massive action and lead. This is a ground floor opportunity at a DeFi educational platform. You will be working directly with the Director of Education, Product Manager and other analysts/mentors on a daily basis.

– Lead 10 or more hour long live sessions per week teaching DeFi concepts from beginner to advanced students
– Take responsibility, support and track the success of approximately 400 students per 6 months
– Explain complex DeFi and crypto concepts in a ELI5 manner
– Create research reports of various crypto projects
Share your knowledge of DeFi and crypto projects with the community
– Write 2 short articles per week about DeFi, tools, projects, ecosystems and news
– Take 1on1 calls with customers to help them learn and succeed in DeFi
– Perform trading/technical and on-chain analysis to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities

What will you bring?

– Must be able to work EST time zone.
– Experience leading education initiatives, programs, etc.
– Experience in fast paced environments
– Strong exposure in the DeFi community and social media presence
– Must be a user of DeFi
– Comprehensive understanding of the crypto/blockchain space
– Excellent interpersonal skills
– Excellent emotional intelligence
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and the ability to discuss and explain technical concepts, solutions and architectures in a simplified manner
– Extreme open-mindedness to new ideas with a mindset of continuous learning

What do we offer you?

– Competitive salary package – $70-120k based on your qualifications and experience
– Ability to earn commissions – no ceiling to your earning potential
– Full time/40 hours a week
– Unlimited PTO
– Flexible work schedule
– Team off-sites
– Young & dynamic culture with team members across 15+ countries
– Fully Remote with a very supportive team. You have the ability to work from anywhere in the world!

Please apply here: https://apply.workable.com/j/99695DEB4F


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About CheckDot
Join the CheckDot team: Innovators in the approach to security within decentralized finance by offering cover against the risks of the digital finance ecosystem. Our Approach is just like in traditional banks to bring security to traders and users of digital finance by providing monthly or annual insurance in a decentralized way.

Here’s what sets us apart:
We’ve had a working protocol for 1 year now, and we’ve been working on a blockchain currently in devnet that applies all insurance management by interconnecting all blockchains to provide our services everywhere.
With CheckDot, the blockchain is a central point where the entire project structure is positioned, without the need for human intervention.

Join us at CheckDot, where your work contributes to the security of blockchain users!

About the position
As Chief Marketing Officer, you will be the driving force behind our overall marketing strategy, focusing on growing our brand presence and user base. You’ll manage our social media networks, oversee influencer partnerships and drive innovative marketing campaigns. Your role is essential in positioning CheckDot as the insurance to use to protect these funds from the risks of digital finance.

Main responsibilities

Develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive brand visibility.
Manage and develop our presence on social media platforms, ensuring engaging, relevant and consistent content.
Lead influencer marketing efforts, identifying and collaborating with key influencers in blockchain and technology.
Coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment of marketing strategies with product development and user experience.
Analyze market trends and adapt strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the blockchain industry.
Oversee the marketing budget, ensuring optimal allocation of resources for maximum impact.

Have proven experience in a marketing role, preferably in the technology or blockchain sector.
Strong understanding of blockchain technology and the crypto-currency market.
Expertise in digital marketing, social media management and influencer partnerships.
Demonstrated ability to develop and implement effective marketing strategies.
Leadership skills, with the ability to inspire.
Excellent communication, presentation and stakeholder management skills.
Creative thinker with a data-driven approach to decision-making.


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One of the key products developed by the Dash Core team over the last few years is a Database called GroveDB. GroveDB is a specialized Database built on top of a merkleized directed acyclic graph that contains tree levels known as hierarchical authenticated data structures. This powerful tool enables our products to incorporate SQL like queries and secondary indexes.

At Dash, our Goal is to increase financial freedom and opportunities for everyone. We develop products that enable payments on the blockchain and make cryptocurrency accessible for consumers, merchants, businesses, and developers. We’ve designed a payments platform that puts user experience first, obscures the technical complexity underneath, and reinvents how cryptocurrency works in the future.

Dash is a cryptocurrency originally based on the Bitcoin blockchain, augmented with additional features focused on payments, and is one of the most recognized and accepted cryptocurrencies.

Dash Platform is a technology stack for building decentralized web3 applications on the Dash network with experience compared to the usual web. The two main architectural components, Drive and DAPI, allow developers to register identities and store application state on-chain using HTTP-based API.

We are looking for a Software Engineer or Senior Software Engineer to continue the development of our in-house database solution written in Rust (GroveDB). You will create new Open Source products in an Agile environment alongside engineers and developers in the Dash Platform team. This is an opportunity to work with a very innovative cryptocurrency team and create advanced original products that push the limit of current levels of technology.

– Contribute to the continued design and development of our in house database solution
– Contribute to the open-source development of Dash components and libraries
– Collaborate with the team in an Agile environment to research, define, design, implement, and ship improvements and new features
– Discover and eliminate bugs, race conditions. Increase code test coverage
– Participate in the testing and deployment of new releases
– Contribute to developments and improvements of our continuous integration software
– Create benchmarks for various methods and work to increase performance in critical areas
– Strive to find ways to improve code quality
– Work with our technical writer to explain various functionality you will work on
– Apply creative solutions to eliminate limitations of cryptocurrency and provide improved user experiences

– A bachelor (3-4 years of studies at the university level) in either mathematics, computer science or any relevant field or proof of equivalence through experience or another diploma. Exceptions can be made for exceptional candidates.
– A good command of the English language.
– Master level understanding of data structures.
– Good understanding of basic cryptography.
– 1+ years of experience writing code in Rust.
– 3+ years of experience writing code in a low level or backend language. Recent graduates with no work experience can apply for an entry level position.

– Experience in database engineering.
– Experience with blockchain technologies, especially within the field of cryptocurrency.
– Mathematical background (e.g. good understanding of number theory, probability, linear and abstract algebra).
– Good communication skills.

– Contribute to technology at the forefront of the cryptocurrency space.
– Work with a company on a mission to have a positive impact.
– Work on a fully remote and passionate team.
– An entrepreneurial opportunity where you can have oversized impacts.
– Opportunity to drive innovation and strategy.
– Your work will be open source.

Location / compensation
– This is a 100% remote position.
– Compensation will be at competitive rates and based on experience and location


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Your job is going to consist of raiding various posts with the community, and hyping up the chat. You must be fluent in English. You will be paid monthly for this job.
From time to time you will be asked to do interviews for the project and you’re going to get paid separately for that.
We hope your application is going to be unique, send your CM/Raider and online speaker experiences if you have any.


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Building backend services: Build highly available backend systems, both serverless and persistent. These systems should have a high degree of correctness, efficiency, and anti-fragility. Indexing complex onchain data: Design systems that index complex onchain data for ease of use and speedy access. Gas efficient protocols rely on indexing to keep user experiences snappy and pleasant. Data engineering: Design and develop large-scale data pipelines to drive our understanding of our users and our protocol’s real-world performance. Building bots and smart contracts: Build bots and other services whose primary role is to monitor smart contracts and send transactions. You will be responsible for building infrastructure that is responsible for company and user funds. Code review and mentorship: Write code in a highly collaborative open source ecosystem. As much of your day will be spent reviewing and designing code as it will be writing new code. We take pride in writing clean code.

4+ years full-time experience in Software Engineering at a software, financial services or related technology organization 2+years of experience with blockchain-based projects (hackathons or personal projects as well) Experience with databases, networking, and data pipelines is strongly preferred Outstanding critical thinking skills; low ego, high curiosity and comfort in being wrong Deep interest in software; desire to understand the why and the how of everything you work on Demonstrated ability to learn new tech and write secure and clean code Passion for blockchain technology, cryptonomic protocol design, game theory, and decentralized finance Growth mindset; a desire to learn from and mentor those around you Strong communication and collaboration skills, especially written Language experience is not as important as your demonstrated ability to learn quickly but our language stack is simply: Typescript, Solidity, GCP


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As a Business Developer at Statemind, you’ll be instrumental in driving our growth within the cybersecurity landscape. Your role will focus on identifying new business opportunities, developing strategic partnerships, and maintaining high-level client relationships, ensuring Statemind remains at the forefront of security solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

– Craft and execute sales strategies to achieve business targets, with a focus on high-value partnerships and client acquisition.
– Identify and engage potential clients, emphasizing our specialized services in blockchain and smart contract auditing.
– Strengthen existing client relationships, ensuring their strategic needs are met with our solutions.
– Stay informed on industry trends to adapt strategies and maintain Statemind’s competitive edge.

Desired Qualifications:

– Demonstrated experience in B2B sales, particularly within the blockchain or related technology sectors.
– A fundamental understanding of smart contract auditing and its crucial role in the project development lifecycle.
– Exceptional communication and presentation skills, capable of simplifying complex technical concepts for diverse audiences.
– Outstanding organizational skills, with the ability to excel in both collaborative and autonomous work environments.
– A strong drive to exceed sales targets, with a consistent record of achieving growth objectives.
– Willingness to travel for industry events, fostering relationships and staying connected with market developments.
– The ability to scan the industry horizon, identifying trends and opportunities that can be leveraged for strategic business development, ensuring Statemind remains aligned with market dynamics and client needs.

What We Offer:

– Expertise and guidance in our field of work.
– Opportunities for education and enhancement of your technical knowledge.
– Plans to extend your involvement into additional security-related ventures, including B2C initiatives, educational programs, open-source tooling, and projects benefiting the common good.
– A fully remote and flexible working environment.


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About the project:
The IOTA SDK provides developers with the tools needed to interact with the IOTA network, create transactions and build full scaled applications. The library written in Rust, offers bindings in multiple languages, such as Python or TypeScript (for node.js or WASM environments) and acts as the first point of contact for developers wanting to use IOTA.

As a full stack engineer with knowledge in Rust, you are going to be critical in providing a seamless developer experience via our TypeScript and Python bindings. Furthermore, you will be shaping and adding new features to our SDK and work within a team of highly skilled software engineers working on bleeding edge distributed ledger technology. This is your opportunity to influence the way digital transactions and applications are built. We’re excited to work with individuals ready to make a real difference.

– Develop high-quality software solutions and specifications (Rust).
– Work effectively across different teams to address problems and collaboratively arrive at solutions ( Software Engineers, DevOps, Research Scientists)
– Perform and thrive in an environment where your work can change rapidly in response to customer feedback and data.
– Ensure timely delivery of technical solutions while maintaining a healthy work environment.
– Participate in and help transform cutting-edge research into practical software products.

– Experience in Rust
– Experience with blockchains/DLTs
– Experience in REST API design and implementation

What we offer:
– The opportunity to work with a senior level of the brightest minds in the industry
– Work from anywhere policy (we have been remote since day 1)
– Culture of trust, empowerment, and constructive feedback
– A flexible and agile organization with a flat hierarchy
– Independence and responsibility from day one


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