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SLP BTCPayServer Interview Series

BTCPayServer is a very important project in Bitcoin. BTCPayServer is an open source, self-hosted, bitcoin payment processor with many features. Because it also incorporates a bitcoin full node, it also provides some additional level of privacy, it is censorship resistant, and it is free.

Interview Series

This interview series is with some key contributors from BTCPayServer. Listen and gain some insight into the culture of Bitcoin, BTCPayServer, and understand the many benefits BTCPayServer can bring. After listening to this series, you might even want to become a contributor!


What next

OK now you’ve listened to the series, go to BTCPayServer.org to get set up. Read some of the documentation and how to guides, or view some of the how-to guides on YouTube. If you’re unsure at any point, just jump in the Telegram or Mattermost chat groups. Suggestions:

  • Set up your own store using BTCPayServer and sell goods/services
  • Teach your friends how to use it
  • Donate to BTCPayServer development
  • Help out with coding, design, writing how-to guides, or testing (jump in the chat groups to coordinate your efforts)